Der Dekorateur

Corporate Identity and Webdesign


Client Der Dekorateur
Tasks Concept, Design, Storyboarding, Webdesign, Production, Socialmedia, Videoediting
Keywords Corporate Identity, Online Identity, Webdesign, CMS, Socialmedia, Videoediting
Technology Content Management System (CMS)

Interdiscount TV Trailer

Concept, Design and Production of a TV Trailer for Interdiscount

Concept, Creation and Production for a TV Trailer

Client Interdiscount
Tasks Concept, Creation, Production for 3D Animation and Composit (in collaboration with Gate Productions)
Keywords TV Spot
Technology 3ds Max, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects


Sky Factory

3D Animation

The movie Sky Factory presents a virtual factory over the clouds, which receives the desires and wishes of people to crystallize the essence for a successful advertising concept

Client Sky Work Images
Tasks Concept, Creation, Production for 3D Animation and Composit
Keywords Movie, 3D Animation, Composit, Tracking, Rotoscopy
Technology 3ds Max, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

Tears for Beers

Music Video

Music Video Production for the Swiss Blues Band Tears for Beers.

Client Tears for Beers
Tasks Concept, Creation, Design, Production
Keywords Music Video, 2D and 3D Animation
Technology Premiere, After Effects, 3Ds Max

Blue Balls Festival

TV Spot

TV & Cinema trailer for the famous Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland

Client Blue Balls Music
Tasks Concept, Creation, Design, Production (in collaboration with R.Ø.S.A. Creation. Technology. Intelligence. AG)
Keywords Movie, TV Trailer, Cinema Trailer, Animation, Music
Technology Flash

Syna die Gewerkschaft

Visuals for internal events and interactive Givaways

Design and Production of 3D Animations for a double HD-Video projection during the internal Events at Syna die Gewerkschaft

Client Syna die Gewerkschaft
Tasks Concept, Design, Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation and Compositing
Keywords Education, Video, Animation
Technology 3D Animation, Videoproduction